Can Your Home Support All  Your Devices?

Can Your Home Support All Your Devices?

Schedule an electrical service upgrade in Parsonsfield or Windham, ME

Your home should be able to meet all your needs. If it can't power all your devices at one time, it's time for an electrical service upgrade. Jamieson Electrical Service LLC can bring your home up to code.

Don't wait until it's too late to update your electrical panel. Call Jamieson Electrical Service today to arrange for service in Parsonsfield, and Windham, ME. 

3 signs it's time for an electrical service upgrade

Your home should be protected from all hazards, especially ones that could cause a fire. Hiring an electrician to check your system and electrical panel is an important step in keeping you safe in your home. Call 207- 432-7319 immediately if:

  1. Your lights are flickering or dimming
  2. You experience tingling or shocking sensations when you touch your appliances
  3. You see sparking or discoloration around your power outlets

These are all signs of faulty wiring, which could be very dangerous if left alone. Get in touch with us today to schedule an electrical service upgrade.