Are You Having Trouble With the Wiring in Your Building?

Are You Having Trouble With the Wiring in Your Building?

Turn to a reliable electrical contractor in Parsonsfield or Windham, ME

When your building just doesn't have enough juice to power all your lights and devices, it's time for an electrical upgrade. Jamieson Electrical Service LLC has a trustworthy electrical contractor who can troubleshoot, repair and upgrade your system. Our commercial electrical services cover all your lighting needs. Call our electrical contractor servicing Windham, ME and Parsonsfield, ME now at 207- 432-7319 to make an appointment.

Ask how our commercial electrical services can improve your business

Flickering lights are a pain when you're trying to work. Jamieson Electrical Service can repair your broken lights if your building runs on single or three phase power. If you have an older building, investing in an electrical upgrade can help you light up your building more efficiently.

By switching to more energy-efficient light bulbs, you can improve your business in a lot of ways. Lighting upgrades can include:

  • Installing LED light bulbs throughout your building
  • Updating outside parking lot lighting to create a safer work environment
  • Increasing energy efficiency in your building to cut down costs

Contact Jamieson Electrical Service today to learn more about our commercial electrical services.